Biden Will Block Trump From Getting Intelligence Direction

  President Joe Biden said his predecessor, Donald Trump, did not need the intelligence briefings that are usually given to presidents who leave the White House because of their erratic behavior. Get Link Reporting from Bloomberg, Biden believes that Trump, whose second impeachment trial will be held next week, does not need to know the secret of sensitive material or be given regular briefings. "I do not think so. Because his erratic behavior is not related to rebellion, ”said Biden during an interview with Norah O'Donnell of CBS News, Saturday (6/2/2021). It should be noted that every former president will be given regular intelligence briefings and access to classified material. However, Biden was pressured by Democrats and and former national security officials to bar Trump from receiving the briefing because it could increase security risks. White House Secretary Jen Psaki said the plan was still being studied. "What's the use of giving him an intelli